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Soria Fallicorn is a fierce explorer, expert hunter, peerless warrior — and heir to the Fallicorn empire. Defying her mother’s political schemes, Soria hopes to forge her own destiny in the wilds of uncharted lands.

But the Fallicorn name comes with a price.

Soria’s latest mission is an unexciting tour of the nation’s remote northern villages. She is accompanied by a brash young naturalist with a hatred for Fallicorns; an officer who saved Soria’s life with a heavy sacrifice; a taciturn kennelmaster who’s seen too much sorrow; and a sergeant with a penchant for terrible duck jokes.

Nothing at home is as it seems. Civil war looms. Soria and her dwindling company of soldiers and dogs must face assassins and turncoats, cannibals and monsters, but their fiercest adversary is the winter itself.

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What People Are Saying

“Distinct, original, yet with hints of the familiar, especially with its genre-bending treatment of fantasy fiction. Sutter is a world builder with a talent for memorable characters, humor, and quirk.”

“Love this writing style. Intense descriptions and killer (no pun intended) sword fights.”

“All of the characters – heroes and villains alike – are smart, complex, and instantly draw you into the story. You begin to love all of them, even when you’re not supposed to. The many layered writing is both captivating as well as entertaining (it was funnier than I expected a book in this genre to be) with intriguing plotlines that fill the reader with excitement and anticipation.”

“[T]he conspiracy at the heart of the story allows for a multi-threaded theme about power, destiny, and the right to rule over other people, and, the atrocities committed in its pursuit.”

“I tend to be hesitant of hopping into new fantasy worlds, in any long-form medium, as their lore tends to either be overly complex and specific, or too generic and templated. I think Dan found a perfect balance in CdotY, where it feels like an intriguing peek into a much wider world, but focused smartly on the core cast of characters and social dynamics that make the story interesting.”

“Utterly unique fantasy novel set in a very rich, well developed world. Remarkable debut effort.”

“Even though I am not a sword book fan, I am a fan of strong women characters. I’m 37 pages in and have met three strong willed, suffer-no-fools female characters.”

“It’s not typical of the kind of book I would read, but once I started I was hooked. I read it all in two days and wished for a second volume.”

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