Born in Chicago, raised in Saint Louis, and currently living in Los Angeles, Daniel Sutter wrote his first story at the age of nine. It was so-so. In high school, he took to writing and acting in earnest. He studied film and theatre at Columbia College Chicago, but dropped out to attend culinary school as a very expensive gag that confuses people to this day.

To pay the bills while writing, he’s sold baseball caps to tourists, smushed bleu cheese onto salads, drove a van for a production crew, managed the FOH of a Shakespeare theatre, alphabetized college admission essays, and toured insurance companies as a software trainer.

Daniel wrote a dozen drafts of The Coldest Day of the Year between the years 2012–2018, neglecting the reasonable advice to drop it and write something new.

In 2017, he successfully raised funds via Kickstarter to host a staged reading of the first two-fifths of the novel at a distillery in Seattle.

His second major work of fiction, Birk, is a memoir of the eponymous character’s inhumanly long career as a semi-famous costumed crimefighter. Daniel describes the work as, “The X-Men a la Catch-22.”

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