My first novel, The Coldest Day of the Year, is now available wherever ebooks are sold.

Dave the Dog with Book

AND, you can order a paperback copy from Amazon.

In 2019, I’m giving myself permission to work on a bunch of different stuff all at once. I’ll update this page with more info each time a project is ready to be shared.

The next big thing I’m working on is called the Sutter Party Box; a collection of 5 original party games (6+ players) developed and designed by yours truly. Here’s a peek of what those look like: Sutter Party Box all five


If you are interested in learning more about my first novel, click here.   ColdestDay_kickstarter_1600x900_2

Below is a collection of new and old short stories I’ve written.

If there’s one you particularly like, please make my day by using the contact form.

If you’d like to play muse, feel free to submit a prompt.

Her Shoes

Saddle shoes, white and black. She thought they were leather, told herself she wore leather shoes. Leather meant […]


The company announced a re-org. This was taken as bad news, though I’d never encountered the term before. […]


Brandenburg races his fingers through his hair, squeezes the locks; they fall back to the brow the moment […]

Pay Dirt

It asked, Was she known to me—a quirk of its translator—and I said yes, but the question challenged […]

A Visit from Sanderfrause

It was just as I set my saucer down after supper that my old schoolmate knocked upon the […]

The Master of the Master of the Manor of the Manor

Howard told James and James told Molly: Remember how Howard met the Master? Years ago. Yeah, before you […]

Belmont Ave

I. Scraping along the wet concrete, the parking meters clicking like bars of musical measures, the drizzling applause […]


“Goddam. It’s just sad. The whole thing is so sad. I can’t believe I didn’t even get to […]