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The most crucial help I need right now is reviews.

A single sentence review makes all the difference. I’m not looking for 5 Stars, just something like:
“What terrible duck jokes,” or
“Love all the sword stuff.”

The book is currently on sale for $0.99 for Kindle and iBooks.
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I’d make it free, but then any price change would result in the “Verified Purchase” reviews losing their “VP” status. Oy vey.

And I’ll return the favor. If you have a kid, I’ll fill that little booger’s Yelp page with honest, optimistic critique.

What’s The Novel About?

Soria Fallicorn is a fierce explorer, expert hunter, peerless warrior — and heir to the Fallicorn empire. Defying her mother’s political schemes, Soria hopes to forge her own destiny in the wilds of uncharted lands.

But the Fallicorn name comes with a price.

Soria’s latest mission is an unexciting tour of the nation’s remote northern villages. She is accompanied by a brash young naturalist with a hatred for Fallicorns; an officer who saved Soria’s life with a heavy sacrifice; a taciturn kennelmaster who’s seen too much sorrow; and a sergeant with a penchant for terrible duck jokes.

Nothing at home is as it seems. Civil war looms. Soria and her dwindling company of soldiers and dogs must face assassins and turncoats, cannibals and monsters, but their fiercest adversary is the winter itself.

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An Excerpt

“I’d like to know how you decided to send them to their deaths. Those two in particular, I mean.”

“It was the right choice,” he said. “If you’re asking would I do it again: yes.”

“You didn’t prefer the others to live?”

“At no point in the assignment,” he said cautiously, “was the safety of any of my charges guaranteed.”

“What if it should occur that my daughter were the right choice? Would you command Soria to her death?”

“I didn’t save her life one day to forfeit it the next.”

“Ah, but you were assigned to save her life. Suppose the next assignment doesn’t require her survival.”

“I wouldn’t hazard to imagine such an assignment.”

The Governess fell to silence, momentarily forgetting her guest. “Soria is a soldier with a bright future and a burdensome name. You are assigned to escort her where she is going, but you need not concern yourself with bringing her back. That task is hers alone.”