The Coldest Day of the Year

In the aftermath of a blizzard, a single courier survives a massacre at a remote fort and by his own cunning alerts a trustworthy captain of the impending coup. Traveling with the captain’s escort is Soria Fallicorn, granddaughter of the beloved explorer. As the three investigate the tragedy, they fear the nation has turned against them.

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About this Project

Presented here are the first 60-odd pages of my novel,  The Coldest Day of the Year. There are 5 parts in total, for a sum of 300 pages.

Minor aesthetic or syntactical changes will be made to the work as I progress.  I will not be releasing anything more of this work, as I am currently soliciting agents and publishers.

Start reading here: Chapter One

Gradually, I will update this page with addenda, such as maps and demographic information of the various families, tribes, and nations that frame this story.

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View a Map of Golgrae’s Route

White Golgrae map