The Coldest Day of the Year

A wild boy runs messages across the countryside. Following a cataclysmic blizzard, he discovers and survives a manmade catastrophe.

A foreign soldier enjoys the fleeting pleasure of promotion for the better part of an afternoon before learning of his baffling assignment.

A celebrity soldier and granddaughter of the nation’s most famous explorer broods over her recent failures. At a loss for immediate action, she grudgingly agrees to a goodwill tour of the homeland.

All the while, the young nation is inundated with returning troops from the failed expeditions into the undiscovered wilderness.

The Coldest Day of the Year follows three people from disparate backgrounds with equally disparate goals as they struggle to restore order in a remote part of the nation. At the very least, they must survive the winter. But they fear the nation has turned against them.

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Map illustrated by Adam Woods